Whole Body Healing

£200 Per 4 Weeks

Do you ever feel like you are truly giving everything you can to go nowhere?

Have you ever felt like you are burning the candle from both ends, and the middle, and you can’t go on anymore?

Have you found yourself craving fast food, fatty food, chocolate, alcohol or something else to get you through stressful times and you’re just fed up of it now?

I know where you’re coming from, as I’ve been there myself.

This is why I offer the Whole Body Healing plan. It is designed to bring you back to basics and get in touch with the you inside. We will start with a private talk about where you are right now, how you want to be, and us preparing a plan together for you to follow. There are several ways we can reach these goals, from the use of hypnosis if necessary (I am a certified clinical hypnotist, don’t worry), or simply “talk therapy” as some people see it these days, as well as working with exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes together we will bring you back to being the you that you desire.¬†

Within this package you will receive:

  • Free consultation
  • Personalised life coaching, hypnosis, NLP, nutrition plan, workout plan (any or all as needed, varies person to person)
  • Weekly check-in via Zoom or Whatsapp that updates future progress¬†
  • Whatsapp support between check-ins
  • Weekly guidance and targets

If this sounds like the very thing you are looking for to help you relax and reset yourself, click below to register.