Are you tired of gaining weight during the holiday season?

Are your favorite “skinny’ clothes hiding in the back of your wardrobe?

Would you like to discover a fun, affordable, and effective way to beat holiday weight gain?

Halloween is the official kickoff of the holiday season. That’s right. That means this wicked holiday is the beginning of the “feasting season” with halloween parties and holiday entertaining. Extra calories and sugary treats will be lurking around every corner. Temptation will be everywhere…at work, at the doctor’s, the office, the bank, you name it.

Autumn is a wonderful time of year filled with family, friends, food, and fun. Unfortunately, for many of us, that means holiday weight gain.

One cannot argue that amidst all the shopping, socialising, travelling and entertaining, finding the time for regular exercise, and the discipline to stick to a calorie conscious “diet” can be quite challenging.

From now until January, you’ll be tempted with the endless merry-go-round of parties and celebrations. All these extras add up, and if you’re like most adults, you’ll put on between two and ten pounds by New Year’s Day.

Well, I have some good news for you! You don’t have to resign to larger winter sizes or succumb to seemingly inevitable holiday weight gain. You don’t have to fall into this trap.

Yes, It really is possible to enjoy the holidays and joy of the season without putting on a single pound.

I am going to share with you my MOST POWERFUL fat loss exercises and fitness routines that I use to get my clients in top shape using a PUMPKIN as an exercise tool!

Why Use a Pumpkin?

A pumpkin can be used as a weighted medicine ball. Medicine balls have been used by Professional Trainers and Strength Coaches for decades for overall conditioning, functional fitness, and “core” strength.

You need a strong “core” to help minimize the risk of injury and stress to your lower back. Training with a pumpkin or a weighted ball can help you develop the “core” strength you need that you can’t get from isolation machines at the gym.

Benefits of Using a Pumpkin or Medicine Ball:

• Improved “core” strength
• Decreases the risk of injury and enhances peformance
• Improves functional fitness so everyday activities are easier and safer
• Adds variety to your exercise program for results
• Affordable and effective training tool to tighten and tone your entire body
• People of all fitness levels and ages benefit from using medicine balls
• A fun and simple way to exercise anywhere…and anytime.

In addition, a pumpkin is a lot less expensive than most fitness equipment. I picked up 2 pumpkins up at the supermarket for under £3.00.

Sure, pumpkins don’t last forever, but they sure make a fun tool for exercising indoors or outdoors during this time of the year.

You will absolutely love the simple, fast, motivating and FUN exercises in the Pumpkin Workout Guide. I’ve been using pumpkins and medicine balls with my clients to get AMAZING results.

Download Your FREE Copy of The PUMPKIN WORKOUT for a Limited Time!

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