That Special Day Plan

£270 Per 8 Weeks

I want to help you get into the best shape you can for a special day you have coming up.

It could be a wedding, a school reunion, a family get together, a special holiday, anything. Whatever it is you want to get ready for, this plan is for you.

It all starts from a consultation where we agree your goals (to make sure they are achievable in the timeframe) and plan how we are going to get you there. We will talk about exercise selection, workout frequency, nutrition, mindset and more. It truly is the essence of personal training in one plan.

The Special Day Plan is not a ‘get-slim-quick’ or quick-fix idea, it is a progressive commitment between you and me to get from where you are to where you want to be. It won’t happen overnight, and for long-lasting results this plan is designed to work over 8 weeks to enable you to truly be at your best. 

Within this package you will receive:

  • Free consultation
  • Personalised progressive weekly workout plans
  • Nutrition guidance and support
  • Weekly check-in via Zoom or Whatsapp that updates future workout and nutrition plans
  • Whatsapp support between check-ins
  • Weekly guidance and targets

Click the link below to sign-up and get started asap.