Success Stories

"I started training with Simon thinking it would be the same old kind of workouts but I found that his unique style gets more from you than you think you can give, and that is what helped me drop from a size 12 to a size 8 while overcoming my body dysmorphia at the same time."
Lisa Jayne
Online Client
"Simon is very professional, and enthusiastic about what he does… This attitude transcends into every aspect of his involvement in sport and exercise, from taking classes to one-on-one consultations. His willingness to help is always much appreciated.

For me personally, he has helped with specific sport related issues in addition to providing me with enjoyable and practical day-to-day exercise programmes. He manages to strike a balance in drawing the best out of you while maintaining an achievable routine. By using innovate exercise ideas and techniques he ensures variation. Working out can get quite monotonous, so these changes help to relive boredom and ensure progression.

I particularly appreciated his willingness to provide explanation. He doesn’t simply present a solution, but explain how a new/alternative technique might improve your overall performance or achieve quicker results.

He’s a lovely guy and always has your interests at heart. I thoroughly recommend his expertise."
Nicole W.
Face-to-Face Client
"I find it hard to put into words what a fantastic personal trainer Simon Caddy is. He has transformed my body and my life… and from hundreds of miles away!

He's completely selfless and came up with an exercise plan that catered to exactly what I wanted my body to be like. And if I ever had an issue, I knew I could ask him and he would help me as much as he could.

Before I knew him I completely loathed exercise, but within a week of talking to him I became excited to change my body and become healthier, My whole outlook on life has changed and it's entirely down to him.

Not only are his workout plans fast working and effective, but I found them fun and easy to fit into my daily routine.

There were many times when I lost motivation and felt like I hadn't put enough into my workouts but Simon always gave me the push I needed to get back into it and provided me with so much motivation and confidence.

I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me and my life. He's a great guy and an amazing Personal Trainer, I highly recommend you get in touch with him and let him change your life too!"
Ellie G
Online Client
"Highly motivating, informative + worthwhile. Si’s knack of making it fun gets you through the pain + keeps you going back for more!"
G Hopkins
Face-to-Face Client
"Simon, I found your personal training session to be first class. Having listened to my requirements you provided me with a very challenging but achievable workout which has targeted all the required areas that I requested. "
A Kavenay
Online Client
"As a personal trainer, I found Simon to be very professional. He always gave me positive feedback and encouragement regarding the training programme, and was always happy to answer the endless questions I kept asking to make sure I knew what I was doing and fely confident to work 'without him'. It was a pleasure to be coached by Simon and I highly recommend him."
Online Client