The top 5 areas that I specialise in are shown on the right of the screen…but that doesn’t mean I don’t do any other type of training!

If you’re after something that’s not shown here – just ask 🙂

Corrective Exercise

Using a knowledge of the joints and their effects throughout the body I can predict dysfunctional motions that may prevent optimum performance or cause injury. This information then helps me make a completely personalised programme for you that will restore these movements and enhance your daily living.

Weight Management

Harsh as this sounds, if you’re trying to lose weight in the gym chances are you’ve not been told the most effective way to do it. I spend my time finding what works and what doesn’t. Some of my clients have lost up to 4lbs in their first week with me. How much do you want to lose?

Core and Abdominal Training

Core training has been misunderstood over the last few years. Have you been told it’s just your abs and back, or that it’s simply crunches and twists, or even loads of ab work gets the fat to disappear? ever wonder why you’re not getting the ‘magazine model’ results? See me, ask me, and get the results of a personalised programme today!

Sports Performance

If you take part in any sort of sport, activity or ‘organised exercise’ I’d be surprised if you don’t want to perform better. How do you achieve this? Quite simple really…move better. I will help you make your body move better, getting more out of every twist, turn and movement you make. You will be the star player!

General Fitness

The true definition of fit for work is being able to do your job. So what is fit for life? It’s the ability to live life as you want to. To do what you want, when you want, for as long as you want. If your body isn’t keeping up with your ambition, let me help you get so fit you’ll need to find new hobbies to see what you can really do!

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