Personal Training

Together we will get you to your fitness goals. With regular face-to-face sessions I will make sure you learn how to perform each exercise to get the best results from it, and I will make sure you achieve the very best results you can from each and every workout.

Sports Massage & Rehab

If you have injuries, weaknesses or movement issues I will help you overcome them. Through sports massage, deep tissue massage, scraping (aka Graston technique), dry cupping, percussion therapy and more I will help you find freedom from your pain and find happiness once again.

Online Personal Training

Using modern technology to its fullest I offer my services at a reduced cost to nomal personal training. I design the workouts, you follow them and log your progress via my app (on your phone) and I will be able to see what you have done and when. Your health & fitness results don't have to be hindered by cost anymore!