Simon Caddy

From time to time we can all pick up an injury. Sometimes though it can be from the simplest things, can’t it? You pick up a pen from the floor and put your back out, or you climb into the car, reach for your seatbelt and catch something in your shoulder, or of course you just sleep awkwardly and wake up with a stiff neck and you can’t turn your head.

But what if the injury is a little more than these simple examples?

Sometimes you need to spend a lot of time nursing the injury to allow you to come back to your normal routine, but in all of the time you’re not doing what you want to those muscles are getting weaker and making your recovery take longer.

That’s what I help to beat. I have been trained by (and now tutor students for) Faster Health & Fitness – the UK’s leading exercise and therapy training company in the fitness industry.

Through the in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, movement and function I can help you. By watching the way in which the body moves we can see that there are several chain reactions to each & every movement we make. By following these chain reactions sometimes we find that the pain you feel is a symptom…but not the cause. The cause can actually be somewhere else in the body, and once that has been treated and cleared the body quickly returns to normal, pain-free function.

To find out more about this, or to book your consultation with me for rehabilitation please complete the contact form below.

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