Training Plans

Finding You

Do you have an ideal version of you in your mind? The shape of your body, from the curve of your shoulders to the shape of your calves and everything in between. Click the link below, let me know your goals and let’s work together to get you there.

That Special Day

Do you have a special event coming up like a reunion, dream holiday or maybe even a wedding? Let’s work together to have you looking your best and turning heads. 

If you ARE getting ready for a wedding, I offer special packages for bridal parties and groomsmen. Get in touch for more details!

Post-Covid Body

Did the pandemic throw you out of your routine and into a spiral of crisps, chocolate and alcohol because you didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything? Do you have a burning desire to get back to exercise but don’t know where to start? This is for you. Gym based or home-based workouts, you tell me which you want and together we’ll get you moving again.

Whole Body Healing

I see fitness and well-being as more than just a workout. It also includes the mind. Through hypnosis and life coaching as well as workouts and good nutrition, this plan will help you to feel more balanced and in touch with yourself.