The Post-Covid Body Plan

£100 Per 4 Weeks

Let’s be honest, Covid-19 caused the whole world a lot of problems. We all had to change our lifestyle to accommodate working from home, not going out, gyms being closed, and the desire to eat rubbish and not move increasing by the day (like our waistlines).

This is what the Post Covid Body Plan is for. Getting you moving again after covid has destroyed all previous routines you had, or for some of you just getting you off the sofa for more than a trip to the fridge.

The premise is simple; this plan will utilise whatever you have around the house. You’ve got weights at home? Great! We’ll definitely use those then. You haven’t got any fitness equipment already? Great! We can get inventive and use tins, bags full of tins, bottles of water, paint tins: whatever you have at home can become your equipment. Going to be training in a gym? Fantastic, let me know what kit they have and I’ll build you a workout to do there too.

I am keeping the price as low as I an for this plan to stop the “I can’t afford it” excuses and give you no reason not to be able to get started. If you take action and commit to giving the plan all you can, I promise I will commit to you and help you all the way.

This is a subscription service, so every 4 weeks the payment will renew (same as your tv subscription, rent, phone bill etc)

Within this package you will receive:

  • Free consultation
  • Personalised progressive weekly workout plans
  • Weekly check-in via Zoom or Whatsapp that updates future workout plans¬†
  • Whatsapp support between check-ins
  • Weekly guidance and targets

Click the button below to join the plan and get your pre-covid body back.