Food – it gives us the energy to function, it keeps us alive, it makes us healthy…but it can make us ill, it can cause disease and of course it can make is fat.

Knowing what to eat, and when, for best effect in the body is becoming more of a science as time passes. It is for this reason that I have invested in being tutored & mentored by some of the best nutritional advisors I have found, and combined this tuition with working alongside several other like-minded fitness professionals in studying just what food can do to help us develop.

In simple terms, for everything we do with exercise to generate results, look at these pictures:

What I do to help you with your nutrition is simple. First we talk about what you currently eat (and when), then you complete a food diary for me a maximum of 7 days. Once you’ve completed your food diary, and told me what you eat, I can look at what balance of nutrients you are getting and then advise how to ‘tweak’ this to get you the best nutrition we can!

Now, do you remember I said I have studied with and worked with a group of like-minded fitness professionals, all in the name of delivering a better service?

Here they are…

Juice Plus has been around for over 20 years, and their products are packed full of nutrients WITHOUT filling you up with chemicals.

I have partnered with Juice Plus and started a nutrition & supplement arm of my services which you can see by clicking here..

At this website you can read more about the product, what it does and of course you can order your own supply.

OK, The Contact Form

If you would like more information about how you can change your nutrition for the better, or to arrange a consultation for more advice please complete the contact form below.

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