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For many, many years people have always said that we need to balance both the body & the mind in order to live a full, healthy life. The power of the mind is so great that it can literally make your body do anything you really focus upon.

For example, if you tell yourself you cannot do something, you won;t be able to do it. tell yourself you feel pain or you’re ill and sure enough you’ll feel pain or be ill.

However at times the mind seems to override our best intentions, and it makes it harder for us to do what we want.

This is where hypnotherapy comes in.

Hypnotherapy is basically of re-programming the subconscious mind (the part that controls what we do) so that the mind & body can operate we we (the user) want them to.

The result? Anything you want! I have worked with clients that have let me help them find a new passion for a wider range of foods, others that have let me help them lose weight through hypnotherapy, and others that have let me help with depression and addictions too.

Literally anything is possible with hypnotherapy, and I do it in 2 ways:

1) In person. This is done with just you & I together in a room, where once we have discussed your challenges you want to overcome I take you through a full hypnotherapy session to start to re-programme your subconscious and let the healing begin.

2) Hypnotherapy recordings. I have a specialist range of pre-recorded hypnotherapy sessions COMING SOON.

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I have sessions pre-prepared for weight loss, conquering chocolate cravings, overcoming fear of spiders, eliminating depression and more!

If you’re interested in hypnotherapy and how I can help you, please fill in the contact form below so that I may answer any questions you have and help you as soon as possible.

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