Take Up Don’t Give Up

In the last article we talked about stepping away from the sad step and making weighing a thing of the past, or at least doing it less frequently and focusing more instead on losing inches and feeling healthier. Remember, your weight is not an indicator of your health.

Today we are going to talk about Lent and the 40 days of giving something up that so many do each and every year. Yes I said we as I have worked with my partner Lisa on this and we have come up with a challenge for you.

Lent starts today, and that means the season of chocolate eggs and rabbits is looming just over the horizon. But before we get to the chocolate we typically give something up for Lent, going 40 days and nights without it. I wonder, what have you given up for lent in the past? 

Common choices are giving up smoking, fast food, and alcohol to name just a few. These are tangible things that are easier to control, but if you have tried any of these in the past then I’m sure you’ll agree that when you try and give up on something you find yourself wanting it more and more. More food, more drink, more cigarettes, and that is where your willpower is truly tested to the max.

Sound familiar?

This is where this article is here to help.

I’m just curious, what if you do something different this year? What about instead of giving up a vice you give up on negative thoughts and behaviours, give up on self doubt and instead of depriving yourself of something for forty days you take up something new or different for 40 days? I personally think you are going to love this idea, and to support you and motivate you in making changes Lisa and I have something for you.

Lisa (Instagram @fit_2_the_finish) has allowed me to give away her graphics that she has made and sold in the past for you to use. These images can be used to challenge yourself to complete 40 days of exercise and healthy living…including a day off social media!

Here’s a quick sample of daily challenges from her graphics:

– Take a yoga session

– Go for a run or walk

– Have an early night

– Compliment someone

– Laugh

All of these and more are aimed at improving your mental health, wellbeing and physical health during 40 days of finding yourself. If you are already active there is another image provided where you can fill in the 40 “tasks” yourself and make your own Lent challenge for this year.

We would love to see your versions of this image, and if you want us to help you with your task list and/or achieving them all just get in touch. Why not post them on your social media and be sure to tag me (@simoncaddyfitness) and Lisa (@fit_2_the_finish) so we can see your goals and cheer you on all the way!

To download your free images right-click the image below and choose save as, or on your phone hold the image and select save.


Fancy Some Workouts?

I have written you 5 home workouts (you could do them in a gym if you prefer) using small equipment that we previously used for home workouts in lockdown. These sessions use kettlebells, dumbbells, bodyweight exercises, resistance bands and glute bands. These 5 sessions can be repeated weekly for the duration of lent, giving you a 5 on, 2 off training plan. There is a small charge for these 5 plans of just £5. This is a great way for you to see the kind of thing I offer my paying clients for coaching and training.

To get yours, click the button below and I once the payment has been confirmed by PayPal I will send you the pdf with session plans and more.

If you like what you see, and you get results, why not take a look at my regular coaching plans to progress further?

And there we have it, this weeks article done and dusted. Make sure to get your copies of the graphics and plans we have talked about and message me/us with your thoughts about this weeks article. 

Do you have an idea for another episode or something you want us to talk about and help you with? Let us know via the contact page.

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