Home Workout – Chair Workout AMRAP Challenge

Get yourself a stopwatch and set a new record!

All you need for this workout is a chair, but please make sure it is a solid chair not one of those flimsy fold down things.

You have to perform 10 reps of each of these exercises as many times as you can in 30 minutes and then comment with your score of how many rounds you completed:

1) Bent Over Row
2) Bicep Curls
3) Front Raise
4) (Kneeling) Snatch & Shoulder Press
5) Triceps Extensions
6) Dips
7) Incline Press-Ups
8) Incline Mountain Climbers
9) Decline Press-Ups
10) Decline Mountain Climbers
11) Split Lunge (Bulgarian Lunge) – 5 per leg, 10 if you want to
12) Step Up – 5 per leg leading, 10 if you want to
13) Elevated Glute Bridge – 10 on both feet, 10 per leg if you want to
14) Chest Press

I want to see your scores 👀

You take all responsibility for your own health and wellbeing during this workout, and by taking part in this workout you release me from all liability regarding injury, damage etc.

Designed and recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020

(I do not own any rights to the music played during this session, it was on in the background to drive the workout)

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