Home Workout – Bonus Workout – Exercise Ideas with Large Resistance Bands

Here’s 18 exercises you can do with the large exercise bands. Watch the video to see how to do them.

The exercises shown are:

1) Standing Pull Apart
2) Single Arm Reverse Fly
3) Unilateral Split Squat
4) Tricep Kickbacks
5) Bent Over Row
6) Split Stance One Arm Row
7) Quick Chest Press
8) Single Arm Chest Press
9) Single Arm Figure-of-Eight
10) High Pull
11) Front Raise
12) Hammer Curl
13) Single Arm Overhead Press
14) Standing Overhead Press & Pull Apart
15) Front Squat
16) Triceps Pressdowns
17) Seated Row
18) Glute Bridges

These aren’t the only exercises you can do though, there are plenty more options!

Fancy using this as a workout? Perform 10-15 repetitions per exercise (each side if it allows), perform all 18nas a circuit, and perform 3-5 circuits as your time and fitness allows.

(And no I don’t own the rights to the music used in the background. It is used under the fair usage policy of music licencing as background sound).

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