Home Workout – Bonus Video – Mini Band (Glute Band) Upper Body Exercises

So many workout videos use these bands but always do the same stuff: squats, glute bridges, more squats, some ab work, more glute work, even more glute work…

You can use them to add something to your upper body workouts too!

This video has some ideas for exercises you can do.

1) Face Pulls / Scapular Flyes
2) Reverse Flyes / Rear Delt
3) Lat Pulldowns
4) Overhead Triceps Extensions
5) Cross-Body Triceps Pressdowns
6) Cross-Body Bicep Curls
7) Wide Bicep Curls
8) Side Raises
9) Front Raises
10) Chest Press
11) One Arm Row

These are just a few ideas of movements you can do. What others can you think up?

Perform these under control to make the muscles work more and aim for 10, 15 or 20 repetitions per side for each exercise. Why not do these as a circuit and see how you feel after 2 or 3 rounds?

This video is for information purposes only and not intended as a specific workout plan.

(No I don’t own the rights to the music in the background. Under the fair usage policy it is being used as background sound in a free video)

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