After qualifying as a personal trainer and sports therapist Simon has embarked upon a wide and varied career in fitness. He currently is a leading fitness consultant within his local county council and is locally recognised for his ability to achieve results with all his clients, whether they are training in the gym or in group exercise classes. Simon studies endlessly the new topics and trends that hit the fitness industry, yet never forgets his roots and the beginnings of all he has accomplished.

Still keen on the traditional exercises and exercise styles Simon always seeks new qualifications within the fitness industry to allow him to use new, more productive methods with his clients. Always trying to motivate and encourage his clients and those in his group exercise classes, Simon has made it his goal to inspire as many people as possible to be all they can be through the benefits of regular exercise.

Simon teaches a wide variety of group exercise classes in Caerphilly, Merthyr Tydfil, Cardiff and he has even been found teaching in Bridgend at times. These classes range from Boxercise to Vibe Cycle, from Fitball to Pump, Spin to Cardio Kickbox, yet they also include more traditional exercise styles such as Step, Body Conditioning and Circuits. Everyone is welcome to attend these classes, no matter what your level of fitness. In fact, the more the merrier! A lot of classes are taught in Caerphilly County Borough Councils leisure centres and fitness sites. Simon always strives to make everyone in all his classes welcome through his lively personality and light-hearted atmosphere that makes exercising fun. Simon also teaches group exercise in DW Sports Fitness Cardiff and DW Sports Fitness Merthyr Tydfil.

Simon has recently qualified in his Masters Diploma in Functional Performance & Therapy through FASTER Health & Fitness Ltd. This qualification makes Simon one of the elite trainers in the whole of the United Kingdom, and with the knowledge and thought process gained from this Masters Simon can treat injuries, improve sporting performance and bulletproof you against your body being injured or functioning wrong in future.

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