About Me

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I Am Simon Caddy

I first got into the fitness industry after finding my own love for exercise and the way it made me feel. I felt alive, energised (even after tough workouts), and better both physically and mentally.

That is what got me interested. That is what got me hooked.

I gained my first qualifications in 1999 and since then have gone on to study more and more ways to get the most from the body. Whether it’s through massage, bodyweight exercise, improving joint movement, hypnotherapy or any of many other ways to work with the body and mind I have gained qualifications to enable me to provide a more holistic approach to a healthy body and mind.

I don’t say this to try and impress you, but more to try and impress upon you the fact that (hang on, gonna big myself up here, sorry!) I am one of the most qualified and experienced people that you are likely to find in this industry and I am here and ready to help you. I have taught students across the world, I have clients in various countries and I work with elite athletes & newbies alike.

I have seen and heard all the sweet, polite, conformist, “lovey-dovey and fluffy” ways to describe what happens in the fitness and weight-loss worlds, and after 20+ years of it it’s time for me to take a stand and cut through the bull$@%# for you.


                                                                       Simon Caddy


Training plans and guidance made just for you, no matter what your goal is.

Regular Support

Check-in with me to have me guide your progress and do all the prep work for you

Any Goal

From first-timer to elite athlete, no matter what your goal I will help you


Happy Customers have worked with me to reach their goals and become fitter, healthier and happier

How Does Personal Training with Me Work?

Quite simply we have 2 options:

1) Training in person
2) Training online

Training in person is exactly as it sounds; we meet in a gym, in your home or outdoors and I coach you through your workout. Training in this style allows me to help you improve your technique and exercise performance to get you better results. This is true personal training. However, I know this is not always possible, which is why there is option 2.

2) Training online is perfect for clients that are not local to me, but also for those who know how to perform the exercises just want coaching and further development. I provide you with the training plan, the guidance on how to perform the exercises for best results, and the coaching you need so you can take the plan and train on your own.