Hello! Allow me to tell you a little about me so you know who your personal trainer is.

I first qualified in the fitness industry in 1999 at the tender age of 17 when I completed my first set of qualifications. These included personal training, sports therapy & rehabilitation, massage, sports massage and nutrition.

Since then I haven’t stopped learning! I went to university to study fitness, got regular work in a gym that I stayed in for 11 years, then became fully self-employed from 2012 onwards. All the time I was working I was attending course after course, gaining new qualifications as often as I could and combining the knowledge to help my clients even more!

I recently worked it out and I’ve delivered over 10,000 contact hours of personal training to clients, and helped 100s of clients lose weight, build muscle, improve their health and their own self image. I want you to be next.

As for me I love coffee, in fact I think I’m slightly addicted. I have a fantastic wife, 4 children and even a grandson…and I’m only 38 at the time of writing this!

I love cars, films, food and fun so we’ll have plenty to talk about I’m sure.