Are You Trying to Get in Shape?

Is this you?

Are you trying to get in shape for the beach?

Are you struggling to know what to do in the gym to get the best results?

I’m looking for 12 people who want to banish the bulge, torch fat and be able to relax while on holiday this year. I want people to be able to soak up the atmosphere and relax not suck in their stomach and hope they don’t pass out.

I’m offering a greatly discounted package for those that are ready to take action and get in shape.

For your investment in your health, you will receive…

  • 8 small-group training sessions
  • Healthy meal plans and tasty recipes to accelerate your results
  • Access to a secret Facebook Group for coaching, support and more
  • FREE home workouts (as I know you won’t always be able to get to the gym)
  • Weekly coaching call (Facebook Live call in the group) which will remain on the page for you to see if you weren’t available at the time
  • All the coaching, support and guidance you need

To book your space contact me on +447971244485 or click here

But wait…

What if………..

That’s fine. I know not everyone has that sort of money to invest in themselves or in their health and wellbeing. I get that.

If this is you, relax! I have this for you…

This does what it says in the picture. It’s similar to the original package but you don’t have to get to the gym to train with me. All this for just £29 per month (and you can keep it going for as long as you want).

To take me up on this offer click here


Either way, I look forward to helping you make the changes you want and create a body you feel comfortable in.


See you soon!




Simon Caddy

Complete Fitness

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