Work Out Around Other People

Working out with others will help you attain better and faster results. When compared to people who worked out alone, those who worked out in groups reached their goals about 43% faster! This was due to many factors, including not wanting to let a workout partner down, and enjoying exercise classes taken with other people.

Fitness Tip: Use A Training Planner

You have important commitments scheduled into your planner or calendar, right? Volunteer work, doctor’s appointments, children’s activities, etc. Where’s the exercise??? This commitment is as important as your other activities. If you”re having trouble fitting in a workout, mark “EXERCISE” in your planner with a bright colored marker, so it stands out as a reminder Read more about Fitness Tip: Use A Training Planner[…]

Become a Kickboxer!

Pinkbelt Kickboxing – a unique opportunity just for Women. Join our amazing programme & come on a journey to become an exclusive Pinkbelt Kickboxer. Empower Yourself! Over 12 weeks, You will learn Martial Art’s skills, improve your fitness, improve your confidence, change your body shape, decrease your stress levels, increase your energy levels, feel great, Read more about Become a Kickboxer![…]