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This is more than just your typical personal training.

Simon, your new personal trainer is fully qualified and fully insured to develop both your physical health and mental wellbeing.

Rather than listing his qualifications  (which can be seen on request), let’s simplify things:

You want to torch fat? Simon is qualified for that.

You want to build muscle? Simon has several qualifications to help you do that.

You want to get fit for an event? Simon loves cardio conditioning; he’ll look after you.

You want to look amazing on your wedding day? Check this offer out!


You’ve just had a baby and want to lose the ‘baby weight’? Simon is qualified in both pre-natal and post-natal exercise, so you’re in safe hands.

Rest assured Simon is happy to say “no, I can’t do that” if you ask him to do something beyond his means or knowledge. He won’t just say yes and make it up like so many other trainers do these days.

The sooner you start the sooner you will see results, and it can all start with a simple phone call.

About Complete Fitness

Who Is Your Trainer?
About Simon Caddy

Simon has been a personal trainer and fitness professional since 1999. Since qualifying he has invested a lot of time, money and physical effort in developing his skills, knowledge and abilities to enable him to deliver the results you deserve and expect for Your Personal Trainer. Simon has specialist qualifications in both Functional Performance & Functional Rehabilitation. Basically this means that he can help anyone to either improve their performance or simply move more with less pain. This goes the same for elite athletes abilities it does for 'Joe Public'. Simon has gained experience as a tutor for Faster Health & Fitness and now works as a tutor for the Jordan Fitness Training Academy. This means he truly is an integral part of the fitness industry and is helping to shape it's future. In addition to this, he continues to broaden his knowledge base by spending time with other trainers to learn from them. Simon also has an array of qualifications for delivering many types of fitness classes that will always challenge you, so be sure to get to one!

One of Simon's biggest personal achievements to date took place in May 2016 when he ran his first ultra-marathon from Brecon to Cardiff. The challenge took just under 9 hours to complete and concluded a few intense months of running events with a 10k race, a half marathon, a 20 mile race, a full marathon in Rome and then the ultra! Always up for testing himself physically, in June 2017 Simon completed a 24 hour endurance race as a pair with his wife Ruth. It is this passion for running that led Simon to gain accreditation as a UK Athletics Leader in Running Fitness so that he can help others run in a safe and structured manner.

As well as being able to condition your body, Simon is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotist and NLP Coach. The combination of these allows Simon to help you face your fears, overcome your mental blocks and truly become the best you can be.

Take a look at the main services Simon offers below, complete with the percentage of his current clientele that use that service.

  • Simon will design specific workout plans for you, based on your abilities, to get you to your fitness goals.

  • They say "You cant out-train a bad diet", and they are right. Simon will work with you to make sure you are eating foods you like while keeping the meals healthy. Youll be amazed at the recipes and how tasty the meals are!

  • We all pick up injuries from time to time. Simon is fully qualified in massage therapies, as well as movement based rehab techniques to get you moving and back to normal as quickly as possible.

  • Simon can treat injuries or just help you relax with a massage, which can be done in one of the various facilities he has access to or in the comfort of your own home.

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